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Cave Wanderings

Long, dark nights. Silent nights. Nights when you don’t feel like praying. When you don’t feel God beside you. Ever felt that before?

            It’s nothing new, if you’d ask David, the shepherd boy turned king. Long before he bcaveecame king of Israel, David would sleep in the dark caves, away from the mountainous regions of Israel. As he sleeps, David holds on to his sword, just in case King Saul and his men would come and try to kill him.

            And this didn’t just happen once. That was David’s life for many, many years! For David, each day was like hell. The thought of being captured one day by King Saul and his men, could easily send chills down his spine.

            He was considered a renegade and “public enemy number 1” in Israel. He was away from a comfortable life, away from his wife and family and away from his best friend Jonathan.

            But the distance from his friends and family and wife brought him closer to the Lord. The dark, lonely nights became moments of solitude where he began to develop a stronger, closer relationship with his God.

            David’s “cave wanderings” brought wonders in his heart because he developed a stronger, deeper relationship with God.  

                              7 You have filled my heart with greater joy than when  their grain and new wine abound.  

                            8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

            David’s moments of solitude brought the light of God’s life into his heart, enabling him to overcome his difficult cave wanderings and eventually assume the kingship over all Israel.

            Are you wandering in your own cave of darkness”?  Why not open your heart to God?  Defocus yourself from the pressures of life and declare that “in God alone, you will dwell in safety.”


4 Responses to “Cave Wanderings”

  1. Hi Kuya Richard!

    Great post! Cool theme! Just spreading some love on your blog site. Keep on going! God bless you!


  2. Btw, where did you get your custom header (books)? It’s cool. I’d like to put the same thing on my site 🙂

    • Hi eis, got it from the appearance theme, i think it’s page 4 the press something. i was surprised bec. what was shown there was a pix of a train, but as i tried it, the books appeared as my custom header. you might want to try it also. 🙂 do you write regularly? i’ll be checking your wordpress too regularly to see what’s new there. cud u do me a favor? like spread out my new blog site to people so they cud read it also and maybe send comments should they be able to read it? hope to bring life and light to our hurting world 🙂

  3. great blog bro!

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