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God Factor for Pacquiao

 Manny Pacquiao no doubt has etched his name in boxing immortality with his sensational second round knockout of British Ricky Hatton. But anyone wants to know the Filipino world champion’s secret?

Ain’t just his strict training regimen. Ain’t even just his food diet.

American trainer Freddie Roach singled out Pacquiao’s solid Team Pacquiao that made the world of difference. But for Pacquiao , all glory and all credit goes back to God.

 manny-pacquiao1Roach told media men covering the Pacquiao-Hatton title fight at MGM Grand that while people credit him and calling him a world-class trainer and future Hall of Famer, he just couldn’t take all the credit for himself.

Instead, he cited Filipino cornerman like Buboy Fernandez, former world heavyweight champion Michael Moorer and what he named as “helpful helpers” as the true secret to Pacquiao’s biggest success.

For Pacquiao though, God was the ultimate reason for his success.

I’m so happy to hear the General Santos City native gave the credit to God in front of the global cameras.

It’s been a common sight for champion/winning boxers to get all the credit when they are on top of the world. Yet, while the thousands of people that jammed the MGM Grand celebrated Pacquiao’s victory, the newly crowned IBO welterweight champion raised his hand up, pointing to the heavens that it was God’s hand that gave him the speedy win over Hatton.

That said, people from all over the world could learn this lesson from Pacquiao—that with God on our side, mountain-sized challenges  are not mountain-sized at all.


4 Responses to “God Factor for Pacquiao”

  1. That Pacquiao-Hatton fight was CRAZY!!! A great-uncle of a friend of mine died because of the game, along with three other Filipino men (I saw in the Philippine Inquirer). But yeah, Pacman… crazy. And humble as well so that’s awesome 🙂

    • really? your friend’s great uncle passed away because of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight? 🙂 maybe the tension and excitement brought about by that fight caused the death. The good news however, is that at least in Metro Manila, there was basically zero crime rate! Then, the Moro National Liberation Front and the Philippine Army went on ceasefire while together, watching the boxing match! Whew! Wish, Pacquiao always has a fight! hehe. though I’m really in faith that God could step in and do something earth-shaking in order to change the Philippines to become a better country to live in 🙂

  2. very true..
    requires sincere humility to do that..
    good one kuya richard..
    i love ur post about the voices we listend to..
    so nice to mix information with inspiration quoted from the truth..
    keep it up champ! ur the best! 🙂

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