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What I Remembered In My College Days…

As I listened to Pastor Nixon Ng speak and encourage the hundreds of teachersduring this afternoon’s Educator’s Assembly, I remembered my college days when I was still a wide-eyed junior journalism student at the University of Santo Tomas.


I remembered vividly how insecure I was as I get to know my journalism classmates with their impressive credentials in journalism during their high school days.

I remembered how I belittled myself when I hear some of my classmates, who were already part of the Varsitarian (the official UST school paper) as they recite in straight English before our professor.

I remembered how I recite in halting English my answer when called during one of our Newswriting subjects.

I remembered how I despised the news articles I wrote during the first semester as a junior journalism major because when I have it checked by one of my professors, nothing was left but my name and my section when my paper is returned to me.

But in spite of all my disappointments during my junior year, I also remembered vividly what my professor, Mr. Ramon Francisco told me while I was assigned to write a feature story for our Journalese (Journalism Society’s magazine during school year 1995-1996).

He left me with six words, which spurred me to work harder on my writing skills—READ, READ, READ & WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

Six words—repeatedly emphasized by Mr. Francisco, which struck like a gold mine in my heart.

As I went home, facing my typewriter, I added to those six words—EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.

So combining my faith in God with these simple words, I started to read books, newspapers and magazines. And I started writing, whether it’s on my journal, diary (now blog) or when I hear somebody preach or talk during a seminar.

Then, after writing, I edit, or I had my article edited to someone whom I know is good in grammar.

As I remember my college days again, I thanked God for professors like Mr. Francisco, who helped me develop the talent God has given me.

Sir, thank you for the two years you imparted the wealth of wisdom and knowledge you had to me. Thank you for drawing the best out of me with your comments on my test papers.

Those inputs helped lay the foundation on my writing.

How about you, who among your teachers in high school or college left an indelible mark in your life?

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