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Thank You…

The Book of Psalms chapter 107 opened with this beautiful and repeated statement—“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


Then, four times, in verses 8, 15, 21 and 31, the author, repeated this statement of thanksgiving—“Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men”.


As I ponder on the things that happened to me for the first four and a half months of this year, I am thankful that the Lord has made me experience His goodness, His love and His Presence.

There were moments that I get intimidated by the “giants” that came my way (and my family’s way), yet, through His comforting Presence and His word contained in the all-time best-selling book—the Bible—I grew more courageous to face them all.

As I was about to sleep last night, I wrote at my Twitter, 10 things that I wanted to thank God for…I’d like to share them to all of you:

10. Thank God for the social networks–these are the best avenues to share God to the broken hearted, the hurting, the hopeless. The best avenue for me to inspire people, share my thoughts, the things I learned as I read my Bible.

9. God, thank you for this laptop because I could share my thoughts when I write my blogs, I could do my preaching messages and simply, I could write down my ideas when something new pops up in my mind.

8. Our house helpers, Lorna and Annie—they may not be perfect (as I am, not perfect) yet, both of you make our lives much, much easier in doing the household chores and taking care of our kids!

7. Ava’s mom—Nanay, what a great blessing and support! Thank you for being there when times are down

6. Papa and Mama, the best parents! Happy Mother’s Day mama! Both of you are my true heroes in life! Thank you for showing to us what love really is (and teaching us as well to love others)

5. a. U-Belt pastoral team—Pastor Gilbert, in my book the “ultimate team player and team leader”; Pastor Ryan, who always has something GOOD to say even when things don’t seem like it; Pastor Noel, my encourager, parental/marriage mentor (because I observe you all the time how you relate to your wife and kids at times from a distance) and Pastor Tito, your razor-sharp focus in continually improving Kid’s Ministry inspires me to focus as well on what God wants me to do in the ministry, and of course, because of you, I learned to be even more competitive when we play NBA Live…that’s why I got to win five straight against you when you played other teams (outside your Phoenix Suns) hehehe

   B. U-Belt administrative team—Rodnel, what can I say? The hardest working, selfless administrator/ service coordinator/ friend/ small group facilitator rolled into one; Claudette, another great multi-task person, who never complains but does her work with passion and dedication; Jing, great team player and the ever faithful wife of Pastor Bong; Gilbert E., my mentor in the tech and gadget side—learned a lot from you, never seems to run out of ideas—also my NBA Live mentor, I’ll beat you soon even if you play the Cavs and Lebron James again. 

4. ENCM staff—truly a wonderful collection of world class campus missionaries, who are serving those who shape the future—be it students or professors

3. My talent to write because with this, I could encourage, inspire and bless others through the words God placed in my heart,

2. Bea and David, two of God’s precious gifts to me. Your smile, your literal child-like faith, your daily expression of “I LOVE YOU DADDY OR DAD” makes me cry at times with joy

1. Ava, my ONE and ONLY LIFE-LONG PARTNER, HONEY, GREAT ENCOURAGER, SUPER MOM! Honey, thank you for more than four years of love, great patience and understanding and forgiveness…

Above all, Lord, thank you for your unlimited grace, sustaining Word and for always reminding me, that everything I have and everything I enjoy in life today—is because of this timeless four-letter-word—LOVE


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