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Mama, Can You Still Remember…?

Finally, got to blog again after a two-day hiatus due to a family outing during the weekend. But I’m glad that we ended the day taking the time to visit my mother again where she stays with my dad and two of my siblings at the Chinatown area in Manila.

As I sat down early this morning to hear Pastor Gilbert sharng about today’s Mother’s Day message, it brought back my childhood memories about Mama.


Mama and my second baby, David, who was then a e-month old baby.

Coming from a traditional Chinese background, Mama was not that affectionate—not really kissing, cuddling or embracing me, but she has her own unique way of showing her love and care for us kids.

Among the five siblings, I used to be one sickly kid. Nearly every month, I’d be in and out of the hospital due to my bout with bronchitis.

But I’m just so grateful to have a mother who is selfless, caring, loving and all-out in taking care of me growing up.

Mama, I just have several questions as I take you down the memory lane…

* Mama, can you still remember the time I was a sickly child?  How you’d spend just a few hours of sleep to take care of me, encouraging me that I’ll be well while you do everything you can to see me get out of my sickbed and play again?

* Mama, can you still  remember the time how I used to sneak up to my bed while you fall sleep as you tutor me in my Chinese literature? And when we wake up in the morning, you’d tell me to get my notes because you’re not yet done teaching me?

* Mama, can you still  remember the time I hurt my knee badly while I came home from a neighborhood basketball game, and how you’d get our first aid kit and attend to me and fix my wounds?

* Mama, can you still remember the light moments we have just before we go to sleep, where you’d share to me what I would consider as nuggets of wisdom in dealing honestly with other people, in respecting the elders and in working hard when I would have my work someday?

* Mama, can you still remember the times when I share to you my experiences in my summer jobs and how you’d advice me to keep working and give my very best each day?

* Mama, can you still remember the time I got to share the woman of my dreams, who eventually became my wife (though she’s a Filipina)?

Mama, I can still remember all those wonderful moments I had with you. Thank you for imparting so much life, love and helping me develop my character.

If I’d have an opportunity to choose my mother again, there’s no hesitation on my part to choose you—because YOU are God’s blessing to me and my siblings!

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