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Hospital Blog – Day 1: Swelling Eye

Well, what can I say. It seemed like only yesterday when I wrote my last blog about the Lakers and the Nuggets’ Western Conference Finals conference tussle. And here I am, attacking my keyboard inside my hospital room at the Medical City.


I was surprised by the speed of my ailment. So was my wife. And surprisingly, even the doctors who attended to me the past few days were surprised? Or should I say, at a loss.

Sunday midnight, I had my left eye checked at the Emergency Room because I was feeling some pain at my eyelid and eyeball.


After careful examination using some eye apparatus and check up, one of the resident doctors said it was a common sty (kuliti). So she gave me an eye drop antibiotic.

But after taking it four times as advised, Monday night, my left eye swelled noticeably, prompting me to go back to Medical City to seek medical attention to an ophthalmologist.


Again, medicine was given, to counter the swelling. But the next day, Wednesday, instead of getting better, my left eye swelled as if I just got a vicious right straight from IBO light welterweight king Manny Pacquiao.

Honestly, I felt like I was at the receiving end of Pacquiao’s blows because as I looked at the mirror, my left eye was badly swollen.


As I got back to Medical City for further medical attention, doctors advised me confined to arrest the further growth of bacteria, which has caused the swelling and bulging of my left eyeball.

Seriously, I was fighting thoughts of getting blind because the gelatin-like form that threatened to cover my eye was spreading so fast.


But I began thinking of the nails that pierced Jesus’ hands on His way to the cross. It encouraged me and made me realized that God is completely in control of my situation.

Well, I can’t say I’m well now as I’m doing this blog.

But one thing I’m sure, Mark 11:24

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