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Hospital Blog – Day 3: Clearer Eyesight

blurred visionSwelling at my left eye has gone smaller now. A lot of puss was sucked out the past day.

Glad I could see better, though the chemosis (a build up of fluid within my eyeball) is still there, which at times, can be irritating.

But, again, my hopes are high.

Dr. Bautista just dropped by to check on my left eye, which has significantly improved and has responded well by the two antibiotics he issued last Wednesday.

Now, I could move my eyeball without pain at all and my peripheral vision is back.

No specific identification though of the bacteria yet. But, whatever antibiotic was issued to me, these, sure are powerful and effective because of my much-improved condition.

There’s still a blur sometimes as I peck on my keyboard, but at least, I could see with my right eye.

I’m really happy to be with my wife. She’s been superb! She assists me in anything I need, whether is getting up, going to the rest room, eating, whatever.

Really blessed to have a wonderful and patient and loving wife!

I miss my kids a lot though. Bea and David are left to be with our caretakers for the past days. But the great thing is, both are doing well, eating their meals on time, even without me or Ava monitoring them.

And the thing I like to hear everyday I call them is when Bea asks me, “how are you daddy?” And “Dad, are you buying me a surprise?” Haha! She loves to see me hand her those “surprises” whether it’s a bag of candies, a toy or just a kiss from me.

God is soooo good!


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