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Lebron & Cavs’ Favorite Song — Staying Alive


Will Game 5 be Lebron James and Cleveland's last game for the Playoffs?

As I watch how the Orlando Magic dismantle the Cleveland Cavaliers for a commanding 3-1 series lead, league MVP Lebron James and his crew are now one game away from taking a long vacation instead of being “witnesses” to a grand championship ending they’ve been dreaming all season long.

After that tough 114-116 overtime Game 4 loss at the Amway Arena in Orlando, I’m 87 percent sure that the Cavaliers are going down in the series.

And I’ve got some reasons for that.

For one, there’s no doubt that James has been the star of the series, scoring almost at will and making the Magic suffer on defense with his numerous moves to the basket.

He torched Orlando with 44 points in Game 4. Though his team still came short against a Magic team that is determined to prove critics that they deserve to be part of the so-called NBA elite teams.

I think Cleveland’s biggest problem in the series the lack of bench depth.

I’ve shared this to a friend of mine who is an avid Cavs and Lebron James fan.

After the Cavs’ starting unit, coach Mike Brown has nothing much to offer except Ben Wallace and Josh Smith. Daniel Gibson, Wally Szcerbiak and Sasha Pavlovic weren’t able to see much action altogether in the series, a big reason why James, Delonte West and small Mo Williams were not as effective as they used to come the final period.

On the other hand, Orlando’s got Mikael Pietrus, reserve center Marcin Gortat and Anthony Johnson to come off the bench to provide solid support for starters.

The last time an NBA team managed to come back from a 1-3 hole was the Phoenix Suns when they did it against a then young Los Angeles Lakers in 2006. Back then, the Lakers had been riding mostly at the back of Kobe Bryant, something that’s basically happening more or less for the Cavs.

It’s definitely going to be a tall order for Coach brown and Lebron to try to bounce back and win three straight against the Magic.

History is against the Cavs. They’ve lost 10 of their last 10 meetings against the Magic. And they are also 0-4 against the Magic this season.

With all these stats staring flatly at their faces, the Cavs will either have to fight back against history or simply roll the red carpet for the Magic.

But one thing is sure, Lebron and the legion of Cavs fans will be “witnesses”—witnesses to an end of a seemingly dominant run or a continuous fight towards a championship.


One Response to “Lebron & Cavs’ Favorite Song — Staying Alive”

  1. Too bad LeBron couldn’t rescue every game for the Cavs!

    We just debated the LeBron James snubfest over at The Sports Debates. You might like it. Please check it out!

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