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How Do You Elevate?


After my prayer time today, I just realized I’ve been serving as a full-time campus missionary for the past 5 &1/2 years already! Whew! Time flies really fast!

And next week, classes in all levels (public schools already started classes on June 1), officially open—meaning, there’s going to be millions of students dressed in school uniform, who’ll be flooding the streets leading to various campuses in the Philippines.

Honestly, I don’t like to walk on crowded streets, but since the time I joined Every Nation Campus Ministries’ team to become one of the campus missionaries, the heart that dislikes the crowd has grown to like the massive throng of young people walking in the streets of Morayta, Espana and Recto—streets where you’d find the most recognizable high schools, colleges and universities in the University Belt (City of Manila).

U-Belt– it’s the hotbed of future nation builders, it’s the melting pot of students, it’s where national heroes were mentored, their aspirations and life-long dreams culled and inspired.

This school year, YOU have an opportunity to help shape the future of this nation. This June 10 (Wed.)& 13 (Sat.), 17 (Wed.) and 20 (Sat.), ENCM-U-Belt is preparing a special discipleship equipping session we are calling ELEVATE to be held at the St. Thomas Square in Espana cor. P.Campa, Manila.

If you currently are leading a small group, or you plan to lead one this coming school year; you’re doing 1-2-1 follow up with somebody or just about to start doing one—please, don’t even think twice, but Join ELEVATE. It’s the best way to LEVEL UP your discipleship skills to a whole new plane.

ELEVATE and make a LIFE-LONG difference to another person’s life. Join Us!


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