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Living Dangerous

dangerLiving dangerous. Ever given a thought on this provoking phrase? I was listening earlier to Pastor Mark Batterson’s message on Make Us Dangerous.

And as I pondered on the message where he talked about the Apostle Paul’s dangerous living during his missionary journeys, I wondered how I have lived my life for the past 17 years as a Christian.

Sheltered much from the “dangers” of life by my parents, life before, when I was in high school was school-home-just-play-near-the-house-with-my-playmates-school-home-and-again- just-play-near-the-house.

Quite boring, especially for those who love the lanes of adventure, fun and “dangerous” activities. But as I became a Christian at age 15, for the first time in my life, I came face to face with danger.

Not that some Roman soldier came to arrest me for becoming a Christian, but from that point that I made a decision to give my life to the purposes and plans of God, I realized that I was turning away from the old, play-safe life I have lived for the first 15 years of my life.

As a youngster (I’m still though), I’d simply take orders from my parents as to what they tell me. “Let’s go and worship at the temple (because we were basically Buddhists), then, do this and do that.”

Nothing wrong obeying parents. But as I reach the teenage years, I was faced with following God or simply follow the tradition I grew up on.

One of the first few verses that really struck me was 1 John 5:4, for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

Overcome. Victory. Faith. All these words came deep into my heart.

And questions race through my mind though. How do I tell my dad and mom that I just surrendered my life to Christ? How do I tell them I’m going to be part of a small group with some high school students at Victory U-Belt? Will they get mad at me? Will they stop me from attending? What will they say? Wanna know?

They did get mad at me. And they did try to stop me for years to attend small group and be part of the church. Talking about “living dangerous”.

It wasn’t easy during those times, because I knew I finally found the truth (that by the way, changed the way I lived my life from then on), but somehow, during my high school days, I didn’t know how I could communicate it to my parents.

Yet, the person who helped me walk with God by the name of Louie, encouraged me to honor my parents, pray for them, bless them and not talk back to them (things that were quite difficult for me to do at that time because I felt I was right and my parents were wrong).

But, as I did what I sensed, God was telling me to do as I read the Bible, slowly but surely, I begin to see changes. Change came to my dad’s life. And change came to my mother’s as well.

Dad became a Christian in 2003, a mind-blowing, better-believe-it, moment for me. While my mother, five years ago, became more open to the Gospel.

She’s now open to let me pray for her when I visit her. And she’d listen to what I share about the Bible. Thank God for giving me the strength to live dangerously beginning in my high school days. I considered it the turning point of my life.

To this date, now married and with two kids, my family continues to live dangerously.

I remembered what Jesus said to His disciples, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Let me encourage you, there will be trouble as we live in this word…but be strong! Take heart! Jesus has OVERCOME!


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