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Practical Ways to ELEVATE

As I look at the eyes of the students, single professionals and some married who joined us recently in the first part of our ELEVATE—Discipleship Training series, I already imagine hundreds of people getting more involved in leading their classmates, friends officemates and family members to God.

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Pastor Ryan shared a simple yet, relevant and basic principles on Engaging with today’s generation.

Engage prayerfully. Well, I could really say, I was a product of prayer. My elder brother, I believe prayed for me for years that’s why by the time I reached my senior year in high school, I gave my life to Jesus. I was stubborn for many years, but nothing is too hard for the Lord. Keep praying, it’s like saying, “God, have your way in my life, my family and our world”.

Engage culturally. It’s connecting with people. It’s exerting the effort to know people in a personal level. It’s being a friend to them and eventually, introducing them to the Friend of all—Jesus.

Engage Creatively. To be creative is to think out of the box. There are  a lot of ways to connect with people creatively. Maybe God has blessed you with a talent on computer. And though you have no idea how to immediately connect with someone, you could start by teaching the people you’re reaching out by teaching them basic computer skills. That helps you kick start something.

Part 2 will happen this Wednesday (June 17) and Saturday (June 20). In these two dates, we’ll talk about leading or jumpstarting your own small group. Join us at the Victory U-Belt Center’s Main Hall.

You are a history maker! Let’s Elevate!


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