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Serving As “Nurse” On Father’s Day

Okay, break time. It’s 4:14 in the morning on my clock. June 21, Sunday. Father’s Day. I’m NOT awake because I’m excited to check on any Father’s Day greeting message on my cellular phone.

thermometerBut I’m (still) awake because I had to serve as “nurse” and chief “nurse” for my wife and my two kids from last night till now.

My wife was having a terrible headache since we arrived home after my eldest daughter got discharged from the Medical City’s emergency room.

My eldest daughter Bea had been experiencing on and off fever the past 2 days, which is why, she’ll be back at the Medical City for her complete blood count (CBC) this morning.

And, just after arriving home last night, my youngest baby, David, had fever, that reached as high as 39.9 this 2:30 in the morning!

My wife, despite her headache, summoned the strength she needed to help me give Tempra (paracetamol) for David because he dislikes taking medicine. David would struggle not to take Tempra several times. But we’re glad after several attempts, David finally got to take it.

We then, gave him sponge bath and made him drink fluids. After that, we prayed for our kids that God would stretch His powerful hand and heal our two kids. It’s something that’s easy for God to so.

As Ava (my wife) hit the bed around 3:30 am, I went to try and put David back to sleep. As David went soundly back to sleep, his body heat began to rise again, so while he sleeps, I started the sponge bath again.

And as of 4 a.m., his body temp is now 36.1! Whew! Thank you God for the answered prayer!

It’s been a wild and wooly day to start Father’s Day, but to me, even if I had to wake up 24 hours for my kids and wife, I’ll do it again. Nothing (outside God) is more important to me but them.

Yawn…now, it’s time to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


3 Responses to “Serving As “Nurse” On Father’s Day”

  1. happy father’s day po! ur really hero!!

  2. hahah.. 4:14 was the same time I was also having a terrible headache that time…

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