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Who To Turn To In Your “2012”

To me, watching just the 2012 movie trailer already evokes some kind of fear and anxiety as to what the future might bring, considering the variety of rumblings and uncertainties brought about by the recent natural that has struck countries like the Philippines (Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng), Fiji and some parts of Indonesia (tsunami and strong earthquake).

ondoy pix 1`Obviously, with the huge, huge climate change that has affected the world all over, a movie of end-time theme like the 2012 isn’t going to help any people at all, especially those who are still recovering emotionally, physically and mentally from the trauma.

But whatever reasons the makers of the 2012 movie have in showing it in theaters this month, the Bible has something to say about the uncertainties of the future.

Sure, the weather pattern has drastically worsened in recent years–flash floods on areas that never used to be flooded; stronger, fiercer typhoons and thunderstorms, among others.

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