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In the Beginning, God…

The Book of “Beginnings” – Genesis opened the first chapter with the powerful statement: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).
A powerful passage that continues to echo in our time – that NOTHING happened by chance even though some people may say that is was by some molecular structures or chemical reactions that the world was made.
God. He was there from the very beginning. Nothing happened by chance. Out of nothing, God made something.
And in the “nothingness” we often experience – no more money to pay the bills, no more strength to facer the challenges we are facing today, or maybe, you couldn’t simply understand what is happening in your life – in all these nothingness, GOD IS THERE.
God can create something out of nothing. God can do wonders in the midst of chaos just like the unparalleled wonders God performed from Creation till now. He is there… and will always be there.
Out of nothing, God can do and will do the extraordinary.
The only question is: will we believe? Will we trust Him even in our “nothingness”?

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