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The 7.7 magnitude earthquake that shook a portion of Mindanao last weekend hogged the headlines for days.

Well, earthquake is a natural occurrence that can’t be predicted, unlike typhoons where our weather bureau can warn people hours before it strikes.

And every time earthquake strikes, structural engineers and even architects take the spotlight as they talk about how important foundation is in a building.

Foundation is integral to a lasting structure. Is Jesus your foundation in life?

Speaking of foundation, Jesus also talked about this subject more than 2000 years ago during one of His discourses with the thousands of people that gathered around to listen to Him.

In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus had two characters: one he called the foolish builder and the other, the wise builder.

He called one of the builders, foolish builder, because he built his house with no foundation at all. His house was built on sand. (Can I hear a yeah, how foolish from engineers and architects?)

The wise builder on the other hand, built his house on the rock.

Both structures went through the same tests, according to Jesus. Flood came, torrent began rumbling through the structure, and guess what? The structure built by the foolish man went down with a loud crash, while the other built by the wise builder, withstood the pounding.

Obeying God is like building a house on a strong, solid foundation that stands firm when storms come.

When life is calm, our foundations don’t seem to matter. But when crises come, our foundations are tested.

Life is full of uncertainty, and too many times, people build their foundation on so many things: gadgets, wealth, fame, career, special someone, kids, or the company they are engaged in.

But imagine if you lose any of these things you build your life to? Will you still be secure?

Jesus only has one message: He guaranteed life to be storm-proof or earthquake-proof when we learn to trust Him and completely surrender our emotion and will to His Lordship.



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