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Sportsmanship, A Dying Value In UAAP & NCAA

Sportsmanship. It’s one lost value in today’s ever-changing sports landscape.

The UAAP, the country’s most popular collegiate league, has been hogging the sports headlines lately, particularly college hoops in light of the recent protests lodged by National University in its controversial loss to Far Eastern University.

Santo Tomas has also elevated its protest to the technical committee in light of its own controversial loss to reigning champion Ateneo de Manila.

And just today, over at the NCAA, Perpetual Help will possibly file its own protest following its loss to Mapua.

I wonder what has happened to the word sportsmanship these days in both the UAAP and the NCAA?

I wonder what kind of values officials teach college players today whenever they feel like they got “robbed” by poor officiating?

But before I continue, let’s take a look again at the word sportsmanship.

Website defines Sportsmanship as playing fair, following the rules of the game, respecting the judgment of referees and officials and treating opponents with respect.

In the world of sports, players are not just the ones who are expected to show sportsmanship, but even coaches and other sports officials, too.

Defeat is sometimes, hard to accept, especially if team players and officials gave their best, yet somehow felt like a “third party” (like referees) tried to rob them of the opportunity to win.

In any sport, victories and defeats happen. But it is our response in victory or defeat that is far more important.

Here are some questions we can consider whenever sportsmanship is being seriously challenged:

  • What kind of values are we trying to communicate to athletes? 
  • Will our action be beneficial to the next generation of athletes?
  • Will our action show respect to the opposing teams?

Sportsmanship is a dying value in our culture. Hopefully, the UAAP and NCAA would start living this out again.

After all, sportsmanship is the only value they could pass on to the next generation.

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