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Bugged By Speed Virus

Our family has been dealing with the flu virus for the last three weeks. My son David got the virus first, then, my wife Ava, followed by our six-month-old baby Niquee, and now, I have colds, too.

The change in weather from hot and cold to sunny then, rainy, can be the culprit. Virus spread airborne, and they can certainly affect the way we do things everyday regardless of your status in life.

In our time, there’s another kind of virus that has become part of our daily life. I call that the speed virus.

Today, the speed virus is changing the face of our world. People will try and buy anything that brings faster result. Just consider the following:

* Federal Express promises to deliver, that’s why people all over the world bring their parcels and boxes to the nearby FedEx outlet.

* Lucky Me! The cheapest way, especially among the students, to feed one’s hungry stomach.

* Jollibee and McDonald’s—two of the world’s giant fastfood chains, boast of their “speedy services” to time-conscious, always-on-the-go customers.

* DSL connection…No more “super-slow” dial-up connections. Just ready your airborne access or internet equipment and you could access the web anytime.

But in the midst of our fast-paced way of life, I realized that speed isn’t the only thing. There will always be times when we have to slow things down then, pause for more important reasons.

Take for example this Bible text in Mark 1:35Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

The speed virus already existed since Jesus’ time. People rushed to Jesus to have their sick loved ones touched and healed. Blind men, who heard Jesus passing by, call out His name, hoping that their eyes could be opened.

All over Galilee and wherever Jesus would go, people are in need – in need of His touch, in need of His life-giving message and in need of His love.

Yet, Jesus never lost His sight on His priority. He was certainly tired physically, healing people and ministering to them. But even before verse 36, He took the time to be away from the concerns of the people. For Jesus, more than just the work or ministry, Jesus valued His relationship with God the Father.

The cares of this world at times, could sap our passion and zest for life. And like Jesus, it’s vital for all of us to stay connected with God.

We live in a very demanding and fast-paced world—deadlines at work, family responsibilities, exams in school, chores to attend to, and many others.

But we can be like Jesus every day by choosing to “close the door” to the speed virus because He had a more important date with His Father in heaven.

How about you? Are bugged by the speed virus? Got a date with your Heavenly Father?

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  1. Nice one pastor rich!

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