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The Book Eli Loved

I can’t imagine the world without books, newspapers, magazines and blogs.

But the unimaginable all happened in the time of Eli…

In the movie, The Book of Eli (shown worldwide in 2010), that’s precisely how the world became – where guns, goons and “garbage” (or shall I say anything that’s of value to them that they trade for something else) were the rules for survival.

Eli had the last copy of the Book, which some bad guys wanted badly, recognizing its power that would enable them to rule the world.

But here’s what I’m reminded of from the movie—to love the Book, in other words, the Bible. Read it, meditate on it, memorize it and most of all apply it in your life.

Though there are many inspirational books that could “inflate” your spirits in times of crisis—lifting your spirits several notches higher—nothing compares to the Bible because of its relevance, simplicity and truth that brings lasting change in our lives.

I never took the Bible seriously when I was young, though I attended St. Stephen’s High school (in my elementary days). I went to Sunday schools regularly to hear the word of God. We had a Christian education class from Grade 4 up.

I even won a gold medal in the Christian Education contest where I memorized a lot of verses, Books of the Bible and Bible characters.

But all these external add-ons in my life never changed me until I fully surrendered my life to Christ and made a life-long decision to take the Bible seriously.

Watching the Book of Eli reminded me again to never, ever take the Bible lightly. It’s one, precious Book that can point us back to the Source of our Salvation, Hope, Healing, Victory, Forgiveness, and most of all, the most important relationship of all—with Christ.

What do we do again with the Bible? Read  it, memorize it, meditate it and apply it.

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One Response to “The Book Eli Loved”

  1. I totally agree with what’s written in this blog. The Bible indeed refreshes, encourages, corrects, and directs. It’s the all-time book EVERY PERSON should have 🙂

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