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Will The Lakers Bring Back Phil Jackson?

It’s quite weird these days to see the talented Los Angeles Lakers tumble down to a string of defeats early in the NBA season.

And that despite the fact that Kobe Bryant has scored 29 or more points in the Lakers’ last six games and Dwight Howard collecting double-doubles easily. The Lakers have just won once, a double-digit triumph against the New Orleans Hornets during that stretch.

Kobe disappointedI think at this point, it’s clear that new coach Mike D’Antoni may not be a perfect fit to handle the Lakers. Sure, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol are both injured during the Lakers’ huge slide, whether at the Staples Center or away.

D’Antoni wanted to bring back the “Showtime” style that characterized the blazing Lakers offense of the 1980s. Yet, at this point, the Lakers don’t have fresh legs to make that possible.

Metta World Peace can’t finish a break in a frenetic pace. While the Lakers don’t have a Nash to make transition plays possible.

And even if Nash is healthy, I still think his 38-year-old body might not be able to keep up for the rigors of an 82-regular-season games.

So what now? Hmmm…I think the Lakers front office made a hasty move when they took in D’Antoni. Perhaps, bringing back the legendary Phil Jackson can help address the issues besetting Los Angeles at this point.

He may be coming in at a very tense-filled moment, but Jackson’s ability to calmly communicate and address the situation is what LA needs at this stage.

Plus, Kobe, Metta World Peace and the rest of the guys sure have high respect for the “Zen Master”.

Phil in, Mike D’A out? Maybe it’s time for the Buss to consider, before it’s too late.

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2 Responses to “Will The Lakers Bring Back Phil Jackson?”

  1. Sana di ma-trade si Pau Gasol. He’s one big man this season who has been under utilized by coach Mike. Poor fella he’s not benefitting much from coach Mike’s run and gun system

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