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Of New Year’s Resolution & Staying Connected

People generally start the year by making their own New Year’s resolutions –  basically things they want to change or things they hope they could do different in the brand new year.

I read the Manila Bulletin’s January 2, 2012 editorial where it cited that more or less, the top Filipino New Year’s Resolutions are to live more healthier, work harder, study more, do exercise, give up vices, especially drinking and smoking, be punctual, spend more time with family, and be a better person.

These are certainly great resolutions to make for the New Year considering that they can bring positive impact to our families, schools, community, nation and the world.

But as I ponder on New Year’s resolutions (which by the way, I have done a lot of times in my life before), I realized that by my own will power, it’s impossible for me to accomplish them 365 days in a year.

I remembered writing down in one of my New Year’s resolutions back when I as in high school, that I will no longer talk back to my mom.  Nice resolution, indeed, but in just a few days, I talked back again to my mom…(I felt like a poor, helpless fella)

VineBranchGrapesAs meditated on the Bible a while ago, I came across John 15:4, where Jesus said to His disciples, Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

Drawing an analogy from the vine and the branch, a branch can never live on its own. It needs to stay connected to the vine in order to thrive. The branch eventually bears fruit, but the condition is – as long as it stays connected to the vine.

Similarly, we can never accomplish any of these New Year’s resolutions on our own. We may probably be able to do it for a few days, but without our daily connection in Christ, we will only end up disappointed, disillusioned and simply revert to our old ways.

New Year’s resolution? Nothing wrong with that…but as we do them, it would be best to go to God, ask Him what He wants to do in us, and you’ll be amazed with the result by the year’s end.

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One Response to “Of New Year’s Resolution & Staying Connected”

  1. I feel exactly the same! This year for the first time, I prayed and sought God for what He wanted me to do or change this year. He told me to get to know Him more. I am going to do that through rereading the Bible through in a year and spending more time in prayer. The advantage I have this year in making these resolutions is I know I am not dependent upon myself to follow through. I have His Holy Spirit dwelling within me to empower me to do it.

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