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Teamwork, Pivotal In San Mig Coffee’s First Win

San Mig Coffee’s first victory for the Commissioner’s Cup last week against Talk ‘N Text underscored once more the importance of teamwork.

After losing by an average margin of 19 points in its first three games, San Mig showed better ball movement and played to the team’s strengths, which allowed the Mixers to pull off a 90-82 win against the Tropang Texters.

Sure, last season’s Commissioner’s Cup Best Import Denzel Bowles finally showed his old, explosive self after dropping 29 points, grabbing 23 rebounds and adding three blocks.

San Mig timeoutYet, it’s really the team defense and overall hustle that contributed to the Mixers’ first win this conference after three botched attempts.

Teamwork is a vital quality we all need to learn.

  • Parents need to display teamwork in disciplining and raising    their children to become God-fearing and productive citizens.
  • Companies need teamwork, too, which means getting the optimum performance of everyone from the maintenance group, from those doing clerical work, to the managers or supervisors, executives up to the CEOs and COOs.
  • Sports teams best know the dynamics of teamwork for they all need to work together to achieve their goal – which is to win the championship.

Teamwork – it’s one quality we all need to embrace in order to be successful in life and at the same time, help others, become successful.


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