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Petron Management Needs To Deal The “Choking” Incident At Its Root

March 8, 2013

I’m just amazed at how level-headed Arwind Santos was in handling the “choking” incident he had with Petron teammate and import Renaldo Balkman during the final 21.6 seconds of the match where the Boosters lost to the Alaska Aces, 73-83. His action was in stark contrast with Balkman, who went ballistic in the waning seconds […]

Facing Danger Eye To Eye

February 3, 2013

Matt Rogers’ countenance was light when he started sharing what happened to him nearly a year ago while playing as an import in one of the club teams in Lebanon. The 6’11” Rogers, who’ll be playing as San Mig Coffee’s import (one of the professional basketball teams in the Philippine Basketball Association) starting this February […]

To Whom Do We Base Our Confidence?

January 9, 2013

Joshua and the Israelites in the Bible were on a mission to conquer the Promised Land. But they had to do it in a way that would require far more than just their little or no military experience. For one, Moses their leader for decades was already dead.  And Joshua, Moses’ long-time aide was thrust […]