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Facing Danger Eye To Eye

February 3, 2013

Matt Rogers’ countenance was light when he started sharing what happened to him nearly a year ago while playing as an import in one of the club teams in Lebanon. The 6’11” Rogers, who’ll be playing as San Mig Coffee’s import (one of the professional basketball teams in the Philippine Basketball Association) starting this February […]

Alaska Import Dozier Shares His Miami Heat Experience

January 26, 2013

As one of the last few players to get cut by the Miami Heat prior to the start of the season, incoming Alaska import Robert Dozier could have easily threw the towel and quit playing basketball altogether. But Dozier shared that after learning he won’t make the team’s final roster for the Heat’s 2012-2013 season, […]

Of New Year’s Resolution & Staying Connected

January 5, 2013

People generally start the year by making their own New Year’s resolutions –  basically things they want to change or things they hope they could do different in the brand new year. I read the Manila Bulletin’s January 2, 2012 editorial where it cited that more or less, the top Filipino New Year’s Resolutions are […]