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Of New Year’s Resolution & Staying Connected

January 5, 2013

People generally start the year by making their own New Year’s resolutions –  basically things they want to change or things they hope they could do different in the brand new year. I read the Manila Bulletin’s January 2, 2012 editorial where it cited that more or less, the top Filipino New Year’s Resolutions are […]

The Ultimate Game Changer

December 6, 2012

Miami Heat guard Ray Allen is now in his 17th NBA season, but he continues to be one of the league’s “game changers.” Allen, 37, may no longer be spring chicken, but he remains deadly from the outside. And Thursday last week between Miami and San Antonio gave Allen another opportunity to showcase his shooting […]

Of Hurricane Sandy And Storms Of Life

November 2, 2012

Storms are part of life. Every year, the Philippines is visited by at least 18 to 20 of these in various types, some packing not-so-strong wind, but others, violent enough to topple houses and cause millions of pesos of damages to properties and at times, death to people. Hurricane Sandy, just on Monday (October 29), […]